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The team at Baker's Air Conditioning and Mechanical take great pride in providing a high level and customer service and quality workmanship.

About Us

Gordon and Linda are also vital supporters to the local community. The local Outreach Op Shop just up from KFC (not for profit charity) was started by them to benefit the local community by providing 90% of items under $5.00. From the proceeds of the Op Shop they also support local charities such as - Meals On Wheels, North West Shitbox Rally Team 2019 (raising money for cancer), Individuals as needed, Australian Farmers Hay Run just to name a few.

The Op Shop also support a ministry that they started in Uganda known as The African Outreach Ministry (not for profit charity). A school of over 350 students from underprivilaged families and orphans. They also run a 100% Child Sponsorship program at the school to help fund the education costs for the children. They travel to Uganda each year to further the work undertaken there.

We are proud that we are able through our business to support both of these not for profit charities both physically and financially on a long term going basis.

The team at Baker's Air Conditioning and Mechanical are committed to excellence.

As a Repco Authorised Service centre we provide high quality customer service and superior workmanship, ensuring our customers receive the very best in automotive care.

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Our workshop is widely acknowledged as one of the best equipped and most professional independent operations in Australia. We can cover from buses to cars on our hosits.

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You won't find a better level of customer service than from the friendly team at Baker's Air Conditioning and Mechanical

You can rely on us to do the little things that really make a difference

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